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2012. 05.

Idén májusban szerződtünk Szentes városával, s a Millenáris Parkban öt gépet állíthattunk fel. A gyermeknapi ajándék a szülőknek és tinédzsereknek is lehetőséget teremt, hogy a játszótéren lévő gyermekek figyelése mellett saját egészségük érdekében is tehetnek valamit. Már a szerelés alatt is jöttek érdeklődők, s a tesztelés után azonnal a környéken sétálók célpontjává vált. Öröm volt látni, hogy jó helyre kerültek a Parkfit gépek. Lásd a Galériában.

2011. 07.

A MOL-t már kerestük a parkfit gépek benzinkutakhoz, parkolókhoz telepítésének gondolatával, de csak ebben az évben indultak el a megvalósítással. Mostantól a parkfit gépek az M7-es autópályán a balatonlellei benzinkútnál szolgálják az utazók felfrissítését és biztosítják a koncentrációt az út további részére. Reméljük egyre több benzinkútnál válik alapszolgáltatássá a mozgás aktív támogatása.

2011. 06.

A haditechnikai kiképző központ a kedvező tapasztalatok alapján nem késlekedett és újabb 7 parkfit gépet vásárolt. A kiszállítás rendben megtörtént. Az 50 hektáron biztosított kiváló körülmények és haditechnikai eszközök a katonai, félkatonai és civil térningek (csapatépítés) számára adnak élethű élményeket.

How much does it cost?
How much does it cost to have weary and grumpy colleagues around? After 8-9 hours of work, how many people will devote time for training instead of being with their family or having some fun? If you are an employer, how much does a day spent on sick leave, unfinished work, missed deadlines, and the accompanying frustration cost you?

How much do accidents caused by oversleeping, lack of concentration, inattention, and tiredness cost an insurance company? To what extent could this be improved if drivers, when feeling drowsy, had the opportunity to do some exercises in the parking areas and continue their journey with a refreshed mind and body and stimulated blood circulation, and travel additional 100 km without causing an accident?
This novelty could help enterprises focusing on tourism provide their customers with even more satisfaction and improved services. As a result, these customers are more likely to return and recommend the above enterprises to their friends and acquaintances. Is this worth taking into consideration? Sure it is!

Exercising in the 21st century

Today, one of the most important factors is that we can handle the heavy load and survive the environmental effects produced by our fast world. You can make your choice and go down the gym, play tennis or golf, jog, or do technical sports.

In the open air, but how?

There are endless opportunities to do outdoor sports. Would you appreciate it, if you could warm up with using fitness machines you have got used to in the gym? If your tennis partner is late, you can spend your time with strengthening or stretching with using our equipment, instead of getting bored and having your muscles cool down and become stiff. What if you feel very tired after a match? Cool down with your partner on one of our machines suitable for two, while you also have the opportunity to talk the day over.

Today you can see us at tennis courts, tomorrow on the gravel of wellness hotels and swimming pools, then in the leisure areas of universities, public places, and car parks along the motorways. Tomorrow your may have several fitness machines erected in the courtyard of your work place, so that you and your colleagues can take a break and give your back a massage, or move your numb body legs and feet. All this done in pairs, while talking about work, private issues, or any topic that you like. You will feel refreshed and have a clearer mind when sitting back to your computer, and you will be able to fulfil your tasks a lot more efficiently.

Are you a regular traveller? Do you usually stop along the motorways? Now it is worth it, as you are likely to find different fitness machines with short training programmes in the various parking areas, so you will enjoy the variety of exercises and feel refreshed when sitting back into your car. Now you will arrive home safe and sound!

Do you jog around the block of flats in the neighbourhood? If the neighbouring blocks of flats and housing estates have several fitness machines, you will be able to complement your jogging programme with a variety of exercises. Jogging will be much more fun, and new opportunities will open up for getting aquatinted with other people. Can you see this in your mind’s eye?

Stress at work?

- Decreasing efficiency
- Growing number of days spent on sick leave
- Unfulfilled tasks
- Lack of achievements

Avoiding stress is vital for you—it will cost you a lot more in the long run!

Have you ever thought of giving a break to your employees to exercise and get refreshed? How much do you think ten minutes in the morning and in the afternoon, spent with leisure activities, would help to lift your employees' spirit?  Do you think this has a beneficial effect on their work? Sure it has!

‘Annually, European Union member states suffer approx. 55 billion Euros of damage caused by accidents at work, where stress has been playing an increasing role. According to surveys conducted in the Union, 35% of the employees feel that their job poses serious hazards to their health, and 28% of them relate their job with the disease they suffer from.  Occupational stress is to be blamed for 50% of the time involuntarily spent out of work.’

Világgazdaság (Hungary)